About Us

Accrual Group Ltd is a trusted web design and development agency and we are committed to making your digital transformation journey smooth.


Who we Are

We are a design and software development company with a head office in Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. We offer cutting edge digital marketing solutions that meets your business goals and needs. With a vision that ensures startups and existing brands can compete favourably in the digital age, we equipped and put together a team of highly experienced professionals that will work with you to provide unmatched custom software development services.

Creativity and commitment to service are what sets us apart. At Accrual Group Ltd, we take time to understand your challenges and work with you to deliver relevant solutions based on practical experience.


Our Vison

Our Vision is to be a Software development company that creates a better and smarter environment with on-trend, fast, reliable, and responsive client focus software development services and solutions.

We are committed to supporting your business as you grow. Our experienced consultants will advise and support your business growth. You can be confident that you are not alone and we are here to ensure you succeed.

Our Process

At Accrual, we will carefully work with you for a perfect IT solution by taking a proper analysis of your organisation’s technology, support and budgetary needs to ensure your software solution meets the industry standards and ultimately provides measurable results that you can see, feel and measure with good Return on Investment (ROI).

From ideation to development, support, and maintenance, we aim to deliver high-quality service efficiently. We help you build the full product from the planning phase to completion. Starting with defining your project scope, requirements and delivery timelines. Our team will identify a strategy that supports both your user needs and business goals. We then work to turn your software requirements into wireframes and a clickable prototype that allows you to review end-features and apply changes fast, easy and with minimal cost implication.

Our Core Values

At Accrual Group Limited, we believe in long-lasting relationships centred on Integrity, Trust, Honesty, and Transparency.

  • Integrity and Trust

Trust and Integrity build a better company. Our team comprises of honest, accountable and responsible people that are forthright in their dealings. We earn our client’s trust from the first phone call by providing custom software development services designed to accelerate your growth.

  • Communication and Transparency

At Accrual, we pride ourselves on providing complete visibility of software development processes and activities to ensure our clients are properly informed.

Why choose us?

Our 360-strong organization comprises of ERP Solutions, AI Solutions, Web Development, E-Commerce Development, Blockchain Solutions, OTT, IoT Solutions, AR/VR Solutions, DevOps,  Cloud App Development, DPP, UI/UX Design, and CMS Platform Customization among others.

Customer Focused

Customers are the heart of our business. This is why we aim for 100% customer satisfaction before, during and after service is rendered.

Continuous support

We provide stress-free website design for your business. Focusing on what your users need, our designs bring your customers closer to your business..

Commitment to Service

We provide first-rate service delivery to our clients whilst holding ourselves accountable for results.


We are a creative, tech-savvy, cross-functional teams working together with each other to create a collaborative culture. Each team member possesses unique skills aimed at achieving a common goal: helping you build a unique and exceptional product.

Responsive Solution

We make sure your Users can have access to your irrespective of the device or screen size your customers are using.

Security and Growth

We are committed to delivery secure solutions to keep you and your customers safe. And we will support you as your business grows.