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A Digital platform to procure medicines and supplies exclusively for Doctors.
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Dr. Ruskin from Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, and his friends envisioned creating a world-class platform for doctors to order medicines online. Medibasket is a perfect assistant to all types of doctors, in which they can easily categorize and purchase all their pharmaceutical needs in a few taps on the app.

Problem Faced

Because of several layers in the purchasing process of medicines in bulk quantities, the doctors found it difficult to have a simple and seamless procurement process for medicines and supplies for them and their pharmacies. Also, they had to manually order from different suppliers for different brands with limited or not order tracking which causes significant time and effort loss.


To create a seamless end-to-end medicine ordering platform where a doctor can login view categories, search for medicines, and place order easily and quickly. The doctor should be able to add any medicines and any brand in the same orders and track it seamlessly.


MacAppStudio designed and developed an end-to-end digital platform for medicine ordering exclusively for Doctors. The platform ensures that only registered medical practitioners are using the app by a unique verification process.

More than 25,000 medicines are categorized for easy identification along with intelligent searching which helps the doctors to find medicines, add to cart, pay online and complete the order.Real-time tracking of each order is also available for the Doctor to review the status anytime.

Behind the scenes, each order is grouped by the brand and supplier, and separate orders are placed to those suppliers by the Medibasket admin system. Those suppliers fulfill the orders and deliver to the doctor’s location seamlessly.


  • Kotlin

  • Swift

  • Objective C

  • HTML

  • JS

  • PHP

  • MySQL

Current Status

The platform was launched in 2019 and has since expanded all over Tamilnadu, India as well as with other types of items like surgical equipment, disposables, etc in addition to medicines ordering.The app usage by the doctors is increasing steadily and the repeated orders from Doctors ensure that will become the trusted partner for Doctors for medicine ordering.

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