SEO Strategy and Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a shining star of the inbound digital marketing strategies. Without a proper SEO strategy, an outstanding website can be lost in the billions of active websites on the internet. SEO is a set of varied techniques utilized to improve the search engine rankings of a website. Today, 55% of global businesses use SEO to display their websites in front of their target audience, and almost half of your website’s organic web traffic results from SEO endeavors. 


The Landscape of Web Development

Accrual Group Ltd is an expert SEO agency that believes in perpetual learning regarding SEO as it a very dynamic tool and evolves rapidly.  SEO techniques used years ago are becoming obsolete, and SEO agencies must adapt and align their strategies to the evolving algorithms to ensure that all their efforts succeed in achieving the desired goals. At Accrual, we take pride in using solely white hat SEO techniques to give your website the presence it deserves.

With 90% of the searches being done by Google, the term search engines are now synonymous with it, although other search engines like Yahoo and Bing also have their unique fan base. The SEO team at Accrual are specialists in up-to-date SEO strategies and focus on handling every aspect of the SEO to guarantee that there is scope for mistakes. Your website reaches the first page of Google searches to get the maximum leads is what we strive for.

Our SEO Process


Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral and most important part of our SEO process because all other SEO efforts are in vain without it. We conduct thoroughgoing keyword research via advanced tools and focus on competitor analysis, so there is no stone unturned, and your website gains a fantastic amount of organic traffic from search engines.

On-Page SEO

Google ranks individual webpages and not a complete website, so it’s crucial to optimize every webpage via On-Page SEO tactics. When your on-page SEO is on point, the likelihood of getting a higher ranking and traffic increases. Our SEO team manages every aspect of on-page SEO, including original optimal length content, keyword density, intent URLs, Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, and Internal and External Links and media content.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is as important as On-Page SEO. This is where we improve the website’s technical aspects with the ultimate goal to make it easily crawl able and indexed, thus improving the search engine rankings. We create an accurate back-end of the website with optimized and structured coding to make it super responsive because search engines prefer fast websites and rank them higher. Our technical SEO specialists optimize it for a large segment of mobile users with the most valuable techniques.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO means any pursuit that happens outside your web page to boost the rankings of your website. Although it accounts for just 10% of the SEO effort, we don’t neglect it all. There are a handful of off-site strategies that we employ to complete this part. Link building from another high-grade website that drives traffic is an excellent off-site technique. We analyze your competitor backlinks to ensure that your website is lacking in any features.

 Tracking Results

SEO is a long game, and it’s not a hidden fact that it requires constant works. Once we are done with our SEO implementation, we track the performance of our SEO strategies. With our firm belief in improving our services, we provide regular reports on our SEO services’ efficiency and make changes where we recognize room for improvement. Our enthusiastic SEO experts are all ready to make your website shine on the internet.