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Accrual Group Ltd is a trusted design and development agency committed to providing excellent solutions that make technology work for you.


What We Offer

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Webite Design and Development

Logo and Branding Design

UI/UX Design



Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

SEO Strategy & Consultation

Mobile Apps

Content Writing

What We Work With



Windows, Android, iOs and Linux.

Database Systems

MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Casandra, Solr, Redis, Logstash, SQLite, Postgres, Neo4j. 

Business Support & Consulting

Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management. Process Optimization. 


Grails/Groovy, Spring/Java, Express/Node.js, Cordova, Ionic, ElasticSearch, Laravel/PHP R Shiny/R.

User Interfaces

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap and Sass.

Cloud Services

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

How we work

Project Research

We carry out initial research through workshops, interviews, survays, desk research and analyse findings.


Based on the research findings, we create wireframes and prototypes of your solution so you know what to expect.

Prototype and Development

We develop using an Agile\Scrum methodology and adharing to good coding standards

Accrual Group Ltd Project Research


We continously support you from Go-Live to post Go-Live to ensure your solution is always running smoothly.

Our Services offer continuous support

We are committed to supporting your business as you grow. Our experienced consultants will advise and support your business growth. You can be confident that you are not alone and we are here to ensure you succeed.

We make your product available on all platforms

Your website will always be responsive. This means that irrespective of the device or screen size your customers are using, they will always see a stunning and intuitive site. We can also help you upgrade your old sites to make them responsive to mobile devices and tablets.

We help you bring your products and services to your customers wherever they are.

Customers and Technology Partners

Featured Case Studies

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Quality website for our charity

Accrual Group gave our charity organization a global presence with the best quality Website we could ask for. Thank you Accural Group

David E.

Founder David Ezeugo Foundation

User friends and Interactive website

This is a company that knows what they are doing. Building user-friendly and interactive websites. I am a satisfied client and I’ll definitely call on you again @ Accural Group

Light U

CEO - Supndine

They go the extra mile

We’ve worked with Accrual Group on multiple projects and they have been my dependable companion along our journey, they’ve proved to us they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our projects are excellent, I will definitely recommend Accrual for any software, web or app related projects.

Mobu E.

Founder/CEO Delight Group/AfricExpress

Business Value

My company website has given my business a unique branding. It is so robust while telling our story and leaving a lasting impression on our site’s visitors.
Thank you Accural Group.

Light U.