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We can build apps that will support your business as it grows.

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We provide leading consultancy within the field of IT services.

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whether your business is looking to grow or expand, or simply improve the effectiveness of your website.

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Accrual Group is a fastest growing E-commerce development company, we want to help you grow just as fast.

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The steps we take for a project to be successful!

From ideation to development, support, and maintenance, we strive to deliver high-quality service efficiently. We help you produce the full product from the planning phase to completion. Starting with defining your project scope, requirement, and delivery timelines. Our team will establish a strategy that reinforces both your user demands and business goals. We then work to turn your software requirements into wire frames and a clickable prototype that allows you to review end-features and apply changes fast, accessible and with minimal cost implications.


We adopt a ‘clouds to code’ approach towards building software, whereby you only have to communicate to us the business goals, benefits and a general idea of your project, without delving into the technical details. We’ll take care of the rest. Our expert staff will help you formalise your idea by refining your requirements through strategic planning, UI/UX design consultancy, and mockups/wireframes.


We setup an initial consultancy meeting where we discuss your ideas, goals and what you want to achieve with your project. We identify common functionality that we’ve developed in the past and what we can reuse, understand your domain, assess risks and generally get a birds’ eye view of the scope. Example apps and user interfaces are also used as reference/benchmarks. We then prepare a high level estimate.


Once the project kicks-off, we will have further discussions with stakeholders covering detailed requirements and branding needs. The resultant document will have an end-to-end solution design that will enable us to encompass all the requirements, use cases and design elements required to build the product. The document sets client expectations and affirms developer commitments, and is used to refine the timelines.


We typically use a form of AGILE development methodology, whereby the development teams will release weekly builds to ensure we are on the right track – although the more orthodox ‘waterfall’ methodology can also be used if the project is large enough and/or there is a business need. We use a collaborative, web based portal called ActiveCollab, which is used for Source control.


Since we usually adopt an agile approach when developing software, frequent feedback and testing is part and parcel of the process; clients are expected to participate in the feedback meetings and commit themselves to providing timely responses to developer queries and log bugs when needed. This will enable the teams to avoid the ‘big bang’ issue (a by-product of providing feedback too little/too late in time) and meet project expectations.

What makes us different

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At Accrual we pride ourselves in the level of engagement with our clients as we feel it is at the upmost importance that clients feel that they are support every step of the process.

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Smart solutions

we believe, we have the solutions to all your technology problems with our great process with different uses of; platforms, frameworks, database system, cloud services etc. We promise to provide continuous support throughout your time with Accrual no matter what size or type of business.

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