Web Development Services

Accrual Group Ltd is a trusted design and development agency committed to providing excellent solutions that make technology work for you.


The Landscape of Web Development

Web development services have evolved rapidly in the past few years. With cloud-based web development software being very prevalent today, it is important that every business and brand have an effective web presence that adds measurable value. From amateurs to freelancers, there are a plethora of options by which a company can launch its new website. In this competitive business environment, a website isn’t all about a fancy digital platform to mark your online presence. It is essentially the face of your business in front of the four billion daily internet users, each with their demands and preferences. Therefore you need a web solution that meets the needs of your customers and your business. This is where Accrual Group Ltd can help you. 

Bespoke Web Development Solutions

Contemporary consumers are becoming smarter every day with an attention span of less than 3 seconds. If your website fails to deliver a seamless experience instantly, the visitor will likely shift to a competitor. A fast, responsive, easy to navigate, and attractive website is the need of the hour to ensure that every consumer from your target audience that lands on the website are compelled to stay, explore and take action in favor of your business. At Accrual, we believe in recognizing all these changing web development trends and creating a fully optimized website that resonates with the customers, distinctly reflects your company’s image, and brings you closer to achieving the business goals.

Creative & Responsive Web Design

Accrual Group Ltd is a trusted web development agency that delivers end-to-end web development services to businesses of all scales and sectors worldwide. The website speaks volumes about the company you are running; therefore, there are many intricacies involved in the web design process. Our eagle-eyed web designers and developers will build a highly responsive website that works smoothly on every device, and your customers will love the experience.

We are a web development company in Wigan, United Kingdom that offers web development services to help you builds future-ready and scalable solution from informational websites to complex web application across all major business industries

At Accrual Group, we implement innovative ideas to build a website that interacts with your users and meets your business goals. Our team of dedicated industry specialist make use of leading technologies to develop websites that are unique, secure, and scalable. Regardless of how complex or small your needs are, we ensure your website is done with the highest level of professionalism and affordability.

We design and build a solution for you, keeping your brand image in mind and the message you are trying to convey with your website. Accrual is a full-service software development company and not just a design studio. Our coding experts will ensure that every website launched via our agency is easily crawled by search engines and is optimized for 60% of the segment accessing the internet on mobile devices.